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Powdersafe Lite

Powdersafe Lite provides users with the means to identify, assess and control the risks associated with daily mail processing. The Powdersafe system is built to the highest technical standards and consists of an isolation chamber and a transport case.

PowdersafeLite is used by government, corporate entities and emergency responders worldwide.

Powdersafe Lite utilises a soft sided bag to protect the isolation chamber. Powdersafe controls suspicious mail from point of discovery right through to final analysis of the powder. The Powdersafe system protects the health and safety of people processing mail, the emergency responders and laboratory technicians. Powdersafe is the only complete system.


Isolation Chamber

Designed to accommodate suspicious mail items, the chamber is used to isolate and contain the suspect item. This allows the user to safely examine the contents of the envelope in a secure environment.

The isolation chamber is certified gastight, easy to use, and is compatible with category one and two biological safety cabinets used in laboratories throughout the world. The isolation chamber has two ports which allow testing authorities to insert probes in order to sample the contents without having to open the main seal.

The isolation chamber comes with two letter openers with recessed blades that cannot accidently cut the gloves. The isolation chamber does not require power to operate, has a simple locking mechanism and does not require artificial lighting.

The isolation chamber fits snugly into the transport case.


Powdersafe Pty Ltd recommendeds that an annual service of the Powdersafe system is conducted by a qualified Powdersafe service representative. The service ensures that the consumable components are replaced and the system inspected to ensure integrity and maintain protection. Failure to service the system on an annual basis is at the users risk.


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