Universal Helmet Holder

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Universal Helmet Holder

The holder kit features three modes of fastening (straight bar, one slot and three 

Assembles in seconds with use of one flathead screwdriver 
Works with all known helmet designs 
Accommodates up to 17 different Pelican 
o MityLite™2300 
o M1 2310 LED 
o M6 2320 
o M6 2330 LED 
o MityLite™ 2340 
o M3 2370 LED 
o M3 2390 LED 3W 
o StealthLite™ 2400 
o StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™ 
o MityLite™ 2420 
o MityLite™ 2430 
o StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2450 
o StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2460 Recoil LED™ 
o M1 3310 
o PM6 3320 
o PM6 3330 LED 
o M3 3370


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