Is your Radio ACMA Compliant?

Is your Radio ACMA Compliant? Is your Radio ACMA Compliant?

After visiting the local flying field this weekend and finding a number of illegal/non compliant radios we need to remember that as the Radio Communications Act says, mere ownership of a radio that is capable of transmitting on a frequency to which a person isn't permitted or licenced to transmit on, is an offence. The legal aspects are for you to determine and evaluate the risk. The major concern is safety.
Are the cheaply made non compliant radios as reliable as the other equipment you’re using?
Would you skimp out on purchasing (gambling on) cheaply made paragliders and hang gliders as much as you do with radio equipment?

Imported (note much cheaper) radios can work well, however the quality is variable and sometimes beyond safe use in Australia. The radios may seem to work quite well for the frequency you or your club are using them on, however the effects to other users in the area, by way of harmonics, splatter, and broad transmit capabilities are a huge cause for concern in regards to safety due to interference on so many adjacent frequencies.

Interfering with other pilots calls could put them in jeopardy. Please use radios with the Radio Compliance Mark only. If there is no compliance mark on the radio, the radio DOES NOT MEET the technical requirements for use in Australia.

Information on the Australian requirements can be found on the ACMA website