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Powdersafe Lite

You only have seconds to react upon the discovery of a suspicious item believed to contain a hazardous substance. It could be a piece of mail or it could be a clip seal bag with toxic drugs, either way you need control. Powdersafe Lite allows you to contain and control the item minimizing the risk of exposure providing a safer working environment.

Powdersafe Lite is manufactured to the highest technical standards and provides the containment you need to protect your staff or your organisation.

Powdersafe Lite is compact and does not require power to maintain containment of an unknown substance in a gastight environment. It can be used in a workplace or carried in a response vehicle.

The Powdersafe Lite comprises the isolation chamber and dual closure padded carry bag

The Isolation Chamber

Designed to accommodate a suspicious piece of mail or a clip seal bag of unknown substance the isolation chamber is certified gastight and easy to use. The chamber is transparent providing a 360 degrees view of the content and the high chemical resistance gloves allows the operator the ability to safely investigate the item and content. The chamber is made gastight by the closure of two simple to operate locking mechanisms.

The chamber will hold up to an A4 size envelope or a small package with room to manipulate, open and test the content if required. There is sufficient room for liquid based test pouches, or similar, to be carried in the chamber to make initial onsite testing easier, if required.

The isolation chamber is fitted with dual ports to allow access for first responders or laboratory technicians without the need to reopen the main seal. The isolation chamber is also designed to fit into a larger biosafety cabinet which keeps the contents in the same vessel from point of discovery to testing. This also allows the ability to maintain the continuity of potential evidence and minimize the introduction of another contaminant.

By maintaining the item and substance in the same chamber the risk of further exposure to staff, responders and laboratory technicians is minimized as the item does not need to be moved from one vessel to another

The isolation chamber is lightweight and portable allowing the chamber to be moved to the suspicious item rather than the item being moved to the chamber. This simple capability can further minimize the risk of exposure.

The chamber dimensions are 40 x 38 x 30cm  (16.33 x 15.51 x 12.24 inches) weight is 5kg (11lbs)

The Powdersafe Lite fits snugly into the high visibility dual closure carry bag and is ideal for use in a smaller office environment or carried in a response vehicle. There is room in the carry bag for additional PPE if required.


Powdersafe Pty Ltd recommends that annual service of the Powdersafe system is conducted by a qualified Powdersafe service representative. The service ensures that the high chemical resistance components are replaced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended replacement timeframes and the system inspected to maintain the operational integrity of the chamber. Failure to service the system on an annual basis is at the users risk and negates any claim against the manufacturer.

The use of the Powdersafe Lite or Powdersafe Containment system does not negate the requirement for appropriate PPE. The Powdersafe will not protect the user from exposure to any contaminant that is outside of the chamber. The Powdersafe Lite and Powdersafe Containment system are not designed for any form of explosive, incendiary or radioactive device.


Brand Powdersafe
Shipping Weight 23.0000kg

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