About Us

Powdersafe Pty Ltd was established in 2003 in response to a foreseeable need to provide protection for organisations against the risk of mail borne threats. Due to client demands we have evolved into a multi-product and service organisation focused on document safety and security. Whether for incoming mail based threats or documents and information on the move we can provide the solution.
Our range of products and services have expanded to encompass a wide range of products designed to ensure the protection of equipment and valuables. We also believe in bringing innovate products to the market which are designed to meet the wear and tear of everyday life. Our products include: 

  • Pelican Cases and Pelican Lights
  • Icom and Sepura radio equipment.
  • Aspera Mobile Devices – ruggedized mobile devices designed to work in extreme conditions.
  • Brimstone Fire Protection Bags
  • EFlare – Safety Beacons designed to ensure your health and safety in a wide range of environments.
  • A full selection of Space Cases.
  • Lifestraw water filtration systems.
  • Cash Bags and Document Bags – No matter what level of security you are trying to achieve we have a solution for you.
  • Security seals and barrier seals suited for a wide range of applications. 

We are constantly on the lookout for new product solutions for the abovementioned issues and continue to evolve our training and assessment services to ensure the risk is minimized.