Powdersafe Isolation System

When an unknown substance is discovered in a piece of mail or in a plastic bag you need to contain it as quickly as possible until you can determine what you are dealing with. It could be a benign substance designed to scare or it could be a toxic drug such as fentanyl.

Powdersafe is a portable gas tight containment system designed to contain and control an unknown substance from point of discovery. When seconds matter Powdersafe can be the difference.

Powdersafe gives you the ability to protect people, investigate the item and content, then safely remove it to where it can be tested, if required. Unlike a salvage drum the Powdersafe chamber is transparent providing 360 degrees viewing and fitted with high chemical resistance gloves with sufficient dexterity to allow the user full range of movement.

Powdersafe can also protect vital forensic evidence by limiting the amount of unprotected handling of the item and content

Powdersafe can be used for handling suspicious items of mail believed to contain an unknown substance, often referred to as a ‘white powder’ incident. Equally Powdersafe can be used by a response officer to contain and control a clip seal bag of unknown substance such as Fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic opioid. Powdersafe is also the perfect companion product for an X-Ray system at a screening point to protect the safety of anyone searching luggage such as a Bio-Security or Border Patrol officer.

Powdersafe is used in mailrooms and mail handling areas around the world to protect against suspicious mail that can endanger the staff and disrupt an unprepared organisation. Powdersafe will contain up to an A4 or flat size envelope or a small package or parcel. Powdersafe is small and light making it easy to move and does not require power to operate.

Powdersafe is also carried by First Responders including Hazmat Teams as well as Clan Lab response teams. Portable chemical test kits can be stored inside the chamber allowing testing to be done safely onsite to provide an early indication of what the responder is confronted with. Powdersafe can be carried in the trunk of a patrol cruiser or the boot of a Police car so when an officer is dealing with an unknown substance exposure can be minimized. Powdersafe allows safe onsite testing so the officer can determine what they are dealing with.

So if you are dealing with mail based threats or intercepting drug couriers or protecting your country’s borders Powdersafe is the product for you

In a world of unknown substances you can never be to safe.