Mail Safety Training

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Safe Mail Handling Training is critical for all organisations. The use of substance filled envelopes remains a constant problem for all organisations. The substance filled envelope has a capability to cause major disruption, stress, economic loss and in a worst case scenario death or injury. Under relevant occupational health and safety legislation there is a duty of care to staff and visitors to an organisation. This training will assist you in meeting your obligations.

It only takes one disgruntled individual, an envelope, a stamp and some unknown substance to create chaos in your organization. This threat has the potential to injure staff and significantly disrupt your business operations and it is all too easy for someone with the intent to create panic and fear, to make this type of letter and mail it to you – and it is delivered anonymously!

The threat is real and it simply will not go away. One of the most effective ways to control this threat is to address your vulnerabilities such as training for mail function personnel – they are the eyes and ears of the organization and are best placed to up-skill as the threat develops and changes over time.

The training that we provide to staff is in line with the Mailroom Security Handbook (HB328:2009) released by Standards Australia in June 2009 as well as the Commonwealth Protective Security Policy Framework and Security Awareness Guidelines issued by the Attorney Generals Dept.

All participants are provided with a Certificate of Attendance.

The course is designed to teach the participants in a number of areas. Each participant is given a workbook which they can take away at the end of the course. The areas that are taught are:

  • The Role of the Mailroom in Physical Security

  • Threats and Hazards

  • Mail screening and containment

  • Recognition Clues

  • Safe Mail Handling

  • Emergency Response: What to expect

  • Costing an incident

  • Operating Procedures for incoming mail.

The course is highly regarded is considered best practice and assists you in addressing OH&S requirements in ensuring adequate training and awareness relative to the role performed.

Hosted course

Is it safe to open? is a three hour course where we hire the venue for your staff to attend. A comprehensive workbook, a number of exercises, and light refreshments are provided as part of the course. 

In House Course

The second format is the in-house course where we deliver the training on your premises for a minimum of six participants to a maximum of twenty on a date and time which is convenient for your team. The course cost includes a comprehensive workbook for each student.

Each format presents different opportunities. The hosted course increases the opportunity to network and students are exposed to the experience of other organisations. They will learn first hand, how each organisation responded to incidents; what they did right, and what they have changed since the incident, and what they will change due to the training; and other issues affecting organisations which will benefit to you and our staff. The in-house course can be tailored to your organisation, specifically to address your unique issues and requirements, in the workplace. On request, we can include a refresher on the use of the Powdersafe system if this is required. This is not included in the hosted course.

For further information on the course please contact us.

Annual Refresher Training

This course is recommended as an annual refresher for mail handling staff who have previously undertaken the β€˜Is it safe to open?’ course.

The course is predominately scenario based with the objective to ensure that the attendees maintain an appropriate working knowledge of best practice in dealing with mail based threats. The use of scenario based training actively involves the attendees with guidance as required from our instructors.

Mail handlers have an important role in the safety and security of the organisation for which they work. This role is often unrecognized until something goes wrong.

Just as customer service staff screen incoming visitors to ensure they have an appropriate purpose before granting them access to the facility, mail handling staff undertake the same critical assessment of incoming mail.

Maintaining the awareness and preparedness of the mail handling staff is an investment in protecting the workplace. Training is the key.

Powdersafe as the subject matter experts, train staff from a wide range of organisations each and every year. Through this training, awareness is maintained and we are able to share the lessons from other locations that need to be considered to ensure appropriate measures are in place.

The new course is a two hour session and covers the following:

  • Recent incidents
  • Current threat environment
  • Case studies
  • Scenarios

Travel and accommodation expenses are included in the course cost.

Maintain the preparedness of your staff as this is a workplace hazard that will not go away. Contact us now to lock in your refresher course.