Trimcast Space Case Ultratherm 32 Litre

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The Ultratherm meets the Australian Defence Standard ARMY(AUST)DPD 7330-2001/B including:
  • Preserve the integrity of the food within the temperature range of -5 deg C to 55 deg C.
  • When pre-heated and filled with hot food or beverage, the temperature will not fall more than 1.5 deg C per hour when tested within the temperature range of -5 deg C to 55 deg C.
  • When pre-chilled and filled with chilled food or beverage, the temperature will not to rise more than 1.5 deg C per hour when tested within the temperature range of -5 deg C to 55 deg C. REMOVABLE THERMAL PACK The Ultratherm has as standard a recessed area for the addition of the Removable Glycol filled Thermal Pack. This provides:
  • A liquid free method of conditioning Containers and it’s contents for Hot or Cold Food:
1.To Maintain Hot Food – heat with Boiling Water
2.To keep food cold or use for frozen food distribution - Freeze.
  • Extends the maintenance of the Temperature requirements whether Hot or Cold of its Contents.
  • When frozen acts to aid the shelf life of frozen food greater than is ordinarily achievable when ice only is used.
  • Acts as a Spacer and stabiliser when fitted, as well as a temperature maintenance unit to minimise the movement of the containers and their contents.

FEATURES The Ultratherm has as standard the following features:
  • A Top-loading Lid with catches sufficient to ensure effective sealing and complete removal for easy dispensing of the contents of the Ultratherm.
  • Stackability of the containers on top of each other, no more than four containers high, in an interlocking fashion for easy and stable storage and transporting.
  • All Materials used in the Ultratherm, which are likely to come into contact with food, are certified Food Safe in accordance with AS2070.
  • The Ultratherm is manufactured from Food Grade Polyethylene and thus is impervious to corrosion and the ingress of moisture and shall not impart the flavour or odour of the food.
  • The Seal, positioned between the lid and upper surface of the Ultratherm , is made from food grade material and is readily removable for ease of cleaning without the need for use of tools.
  • Self-sealing Rivets are used throughout the construction of the Ultratherm.
  • The drain plug is fitted to the lowest position of the box of the Ultratherm.
  • The Ultratherm is easily cleaned with commercial detergents; in addition, all internal corners have radiuses to enhance the ease of cleaning.


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