Crackshot Snake Guardz - Your Peace of Mind

Snake Guardz™ – Your peace of mind product

Does your work or hobby find you in the great outdoors with all our magnificent flora and fauna?

Snakes are a master at disguise and you may not see the snake before it strikes. You may not even feel the strike. The strike can be quicker than the blink of an eye. On Wednesday three people were admitted to Tasmanian hospitals after being bitten within the space of three hours.

Snake Guardz™ gaiters are that peace of mind. If a snake strikes they hit a solid sheet of protection.
Constructed with polycarbonate and acrylic inserts the Snake Guardz™ will stop a 3-1-8 lead shot round from a 12 gauge shotgun at 11 metres.

Snake Guardz™ are manufactured with a range of fabrics encasing polycarbonate and acrylic inserts which stop the fangs of venomous snakes. They protect to 44cm high and weigh approx. 350 grams each. Snake Guardz™ are penetration tested to ASTM F 1342-05 specifications (USA). The fabrics have urethane or DWR applied to the inside surface for water resistance. Snake Guardz™ secure to the leg of the wearer with 2 x 2.5cm adjustable straps and quick release buckles. They cover the ankle area and lower leg, protecting to a height of 44cm. Snake Guardz™ have a unique toe extension which covers the laces of the boot or shoe (metatarsal area of the foot) and prevents the possibility of snake fangs becoming tangled in the shoelaces when struck.

Snake Guardz™ are designed utilizing the convection cooling theory and air circulates freely between the Guardz™ and the leg of the wearer. Snake Guardz™ are made in the USA and are truly cool, comfortable leg armour.

Snake Guardz™ are less prone to being snagged on prickles or brambles as the material is tightly bound onto the inserts leaving no loose material. Snake Guardz™ are designed to be worn in conjunction with hiking or work boots for effective protection.

Snake Guardz™ are manufactured in Blaze Orange, Khaki Tan, Olive Green and Mossy Oak Break Up Country™. (Solid colours are Flame Retardant).

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